Diabetes India


a multi-lingual pan India Diabetes Communication and Awareness Initiative.

Every 5 seconds one person around the world develops Diabetes and, in India, every 10 seconds, one person dies from a Diabetes related condition.

India has over 62 million people living with Diabetes and by 2020 that number could increase to 80 million - 20% of the global Diabetes population.

The Sweetheart Initiative using entertainment as a means to engage, educate and empower, aims to:

  • produce and disseminate simple, accessible, multi-lingual education on Types 1 and 2 Diabetes (including Hypertension)  across the diversity of age, economy, language and culture.
  • create a platform for Social and Behavioural change both in the control and management of Types 1 and 2 diabetes and the prevention of Type 2.
  • encourage early diagnosis, prevent unnecessary suffering and improve the lives of people living with diabetes across India.
  • sustain an interactive Education programme with an initial 3-5 year strategy.

The Concept 

Bollywood movie with live action and animation (2 and 3 D). Aamir Khan's Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth) looked at Dyslexia in a similar way and raised awareness throughout India and internationally.

Multi-Media Education on prevention, management and lifestyle, using a variety of formats - animated and live action content from the movie, comic strip, short animated films, print to viral, music video, online interactivity, games and visual aids. 

Multi-platform, multi-lingual distribution to balance the challenge of delivering a project that encompasses the many levels of educational, cultural, spiritual and economic needs within India. Potential reach is not only countrywide but to Indian communities internationally.

There is great potential in using mobile phones to deliver health messages, collect and share data as well as ‘nudge’ on prevention and management control.



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