The Human Machine

A multi platform virtual trip around the human body using animation and live action with music, comedy, drama, dance and the reality of science.

 The brain will be our control centre and Billy Blood will be our team leader guiding us through the organ, muscle and tissue parks along the highways and byways of blood – the lifeline canals of artery and vein.

 In our moving magazine of Man – generic not sex - we will explore with: 

Live at the Liver – Kidney kids – Heart Heavies – Monster Muscles – Tricia and the Tissues – Buster Bladder – the Spleen Machine – Gene Hunter – the Mating Game - Skin Ballet – Diet and Digest – Food Fantasy – stand ups, Sam (Samantha) the Smoker and Alvin Addict - Vinny and the Vibrations – Shades of the spirit - Cy Chology and…. for one night only: Organs at the Opera. 

 Billy hosts ‘Check it Out’ – a chat show with guests drawn from the worlds of science and medicine – both chemical and natural, sport and spirituality and a smattering of celebrities; Bodypoppin’s own H Factor – where celebs and punters across the ages compete to be hot and healthy.

 2 separate target audiences – under 12s and teenagers and young adults.

 Bodypoppin’ will explore the way the body works, why it sometimes doesn’t and… what we need to do to get the balance right.

 Another part of Bodypoppin’ is the 30s – 50s and 50s plus age groups. A lot of the information is the same only the focus of education and entertainment differs, but is no less irreverent, fun and simple-science accurate. As the body changes, so do its needs and methods of sustainable health. With the young focus there is easy preventative guidance; the older groups also need specific guidance but in achieving realistic change.

 Bodypoppin’ will inform how the body works and show pathways into a natural and more healthy process of everyday living and longevity.

With these age groups it is important to focus more directly on serious lifestyle, spiritual and psychological change. 

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